Becoming an FLS Test Center

The FLS program has grown exponentially since its inception in 2004. This can be attributed in great part to the awarding of the Covidien Educational Grant for FLS in 2008, the American Board of Surgery’s decision to require FLS certification for board eligibility, and most recently, the official endorsement of FLS from the Canadian Association of General Surgery (CAGS). Over 1500 FLS exams were administered in 2011, in comparison with less than 600 exams given in 2008. To accommodate the increased demand for FLS testing and FLS Test Centers as well as to ensure the standardization of the FLS exam administration process, we have implemented the FLS Test Center guidelines and application process. These guidelines help to ensure a quality testing environment for all test takers.

The FLS Test Center guidelines are available at the link below, along with the FLS Test Center Application and fee schedule. Please review the guidelines and fee schedule carefully before submitting a new application. We do not recommend submitting an application if your program is unable to meet or comply with any of the stated guidelines.

We thank you for your interest in the FLS program and becoming an FLS Test Center.

Test Center Application

Test Center Guidelines

Test Center Fee Schedule

Required FLS Equipment and Supplies

FLS Test Center Application Approval Process

Applications are reviewed by select members of the FLS committee and the FLS directors semi-annually (spring and fall). Applications submitted September 1-February 28 will be reviewed in the spring. Applications submitted March 1-August 31 will be reviewed in the fall.  Notices regarding application approval, denial, or pending status will be sent out by May 1 and November 1, respectively.