Updated April 29, 2020: 

SAGES has made the decision to extend FLS, FES, and FUSE Test Center closures through May 31st, 2020.

All exams scheduled during this time have been cancelled. Some test centers have already chosen to remain closed beyond May 31st. A list of those centers can be found at FLS/FES/FUSE Test Center Closings


Test takers are able to log in to their test taker account at any time to reschedule their exam appointment. Many test centers will have availability starting June 1st depending on local guidelines.

Additional Testing Opportunities

We understand that once restrictions lift, demand for test appointments will be high. We are committed to providing access to the Fundamentals Exams to all prospective test takers and will be working with our test centers to increase their availability as well as scheduling several Special Onsite Testing Events (FLS) in areas where availability may be limited. Announcements regarding these events will be posted to the FLS website as they are scheduled. www.flsprogram.org

2020 ABS Applicants (FLS, FES)

For those test takers who still need FLS and/or FES certification for their American Board of Surgery (ABS) QE application, ABS will permit those affected by the cancellation of FLS and FES exams to apply for and take the QE without these certifications by the posted deadlines. For more information, please visit http://archive.mailengine1.com/csb/Public/show/fav9-1u74dh–p2vei-98bijss3  or email [email protected]

2021 ABOG Applicants (FLS)

The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) candidates have until mid-December 2020 to complete FLS certification if they are completing their residency in the 2020-21 academic year and plan to begin the certification process and apply for the 2021 ABOG Specialty Qualifying Examination (QE). Application for certification for the Specialty QE is not tied to FLS status. Candidates can complete the application for the 2021 QE prior to completion of FLS certification.  The 2021 QE application should be available in September 2020. Residents are encouraged to apply as soon as the QE application becomes available. Residents should contact ABOG Exams at [email protected] with concerns about completing the FLS program by December 2020.

Voucher Expiration Dates

Test takers in possession of vouchers that are set to expire over the next several months can fill out the form(s) below to request a voucher extension allowing for the voucher to be used through December 31, 2020. All voucher extension requests submitted during this time will be granted.

FLS Voucher Extension Request Form

FES Voucher Extension Request Form

FUSE Voucher Extension Request Form

SAGES is committed to the protection and care of patients, their surgeons and staff, and all who are served by the medical community at large. For more information on the COVID-19 pandemic from the SAGES organization, please visit: https://www.sages.org/category/covid-19/

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