FLS Trainer System and Accessories

The FLS Laparoscopic Trainer System is a device for surgical residents and practicing surgeons that facilitates the development of psychomotor skills and dexterity required during the performance of basic laparoscopic surgery.

The FLS Trainer includes a set of accessories used to simulate specific surgical techniques that have been validated by Dr. Gerald Fried through the MISTELS Program at McGill University.  The FLS Trainer System was developed in collaboration with VTI Medical Inc.

For ordering and pricing information on the FLS Trainer System and additional accessories please visit: www.vtimedical.com

Effective March 12, 2012 the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) is pleased to announce that they have granted exclusive rights for the sale and fulfillment of Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery™ (FLS) Training System, accessories and supplies to VTI Medical (VTIM) of Waltham MA.  SAGES and VTIM will also be collaborating to develop new products for FLS and other surgical areas that utilize the FLS Training System.

This change was made to provide customers with enhanced customer service, more rapid fulfillment of orders, and for the first time, the ability to purchase online using a secure e-commerce system. The FLS Training System, accessories and supplies will be sold exclusively by VTI Medical Inc.

For FLS Educational Packages, online access and testing vouchers, continue to order through SAGES at www.flsprogram.org, or call 310-437-0544, ext. 137.

We are excited to announce that VTI Medical has just released new products suitable for use in the FLS manual skill exam- (all for non-clinical use only)
Ordering and pricing information can be found on VTI’s website, www.vtimedical.com,  direct links to the products below.

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