Testing Information

The FLS assessment component is a two-part, proctored exam that tests cognitive
knowledge and manual skills.

The written component evaluates cognitive knowledge and is a timed, multiple-choice exam administered via computer.  It is designed to test the understanding and application of the basic fundamentals of laparoscopy with emphasis on clinical judgment or intraoperative decision making.

The manual skills component evaluates skills based on the efficiency (speed) and precision
(accuracy) of the surgeon’s maneuvers using the FLS Laparoscopic Trainer Box.  The test
consists of five non-procedure specific simulation exercises, incorporating most of the
psychomotor skills necessary for basic laparoscopic surgery.

To take the FLS Exam please complete the following steps:

  • Purchase a voucher by using our FLS Order Form
  • Review the FLS Modules at fesdidactic.org to help you prepare for the written component of the FLS assessment. Please review the Proficiency-Based Curriculum to prepare for the manual skills component of the FLS Assessment.
  • Lastly, once you are ready to take the FLS Exam you will schedule an appointment at one of our FLS Test Centers; please download the following instruction manual to access the online testing process: Test Taker Registration Guide

Guide: Online Test Taker Registration
Guide: Cancel or Reschedule a Test Appointment
Fundamentals Exam Score Review Request
Fundamentals Test Center Grievance Form
Fundamentals Voucher Extension Form

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