Remote Testing

Institutions with eligible test takers can elect to schedule a special ‘remote proctor’ to administer the FLS exam for a fee. All eligible test takers must possess a valid FLS test voucher (vouchers are not included in the remote testing fee). Please fill out a request form using the link below to request a date for remote testing for your facility. Dates for remote testing must be requested at least three months in advance. Requested dates may include weekend days. We will make every effort to accommodate one of your three requested dates as indicated on the form. Once we are able to confirm a requested date for remote testing, we will send you a confirmation email along with an invoice for the remote testing fee. Payment for remote testing must be received at least 30 days prior to the confirmed date. Your confirmation email will include pertinent information for preparation of an FLS RemoteTesting event (including the information that must be submitted to the SAGES office prior to the event).

Testing Materials
SAGES will ship the remote testing system to your institution, as well as all the consumable materials needed for testing  (suture, endoloops, gauze, penrose drains, foam organs). The facility is responsible for providing all other required equipment and supplies (trainer box, monitor, computers, etc). For more information regarding the required FLS testing materials, please go to: Remote Testing Required Materials

Institution Responsibilities
The institution must provide two facilitators who will act as the hands-on assistants for the remote proctor. At least one of the facilitators must be someone who works in the skills lab and/or has had some experience with the FLS trainer box and laparoscopic instruments. It is NOT recommended to have a physician/active clinician act as a facilitator. The facilitators must be present for the entirety of the testing day. Someone from the institution’s IT department must be on call to help if there are technical difficulties.  

For a helpful list of remote testing requirements/responsibilities for institutions, please go to: Testing Requirements/Responsibilities

The price for 1 day of FLS remote testing for up to 10 test takers is $1000. Institutions with more than 10 test takers can schedule a consecutive day of testing at $650 for each additional remote testing day.

You may request remote testing to take place on any day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday.

FLS Remote Testing Request Form

Email for more information.