NEW FLS Testing Solutions are Now Available from SAGES!

The current pandemic situation has resulted in a lack of testing availability at our current FLS Test Centers. While we continue to work with our existing test centers to open as many testing slots as possible to both internal and external test takers, we know getting back to pre-COVID availability will take some time.

To help increase testing availability and reduce resident stress, we have created the following testing solutions:

SAGES is pleased to share that institutions with eligible test takers can elect to schedule a special ‘remote proctor’ to administer the FLS exam! A SAGES FLS Proctor will coordinate the shipment of necessary materials to your site, work with two of your staff to get everything set up, and “zoom in” on the testing day(s) to proctor the exam.

For more information regarding pricing, lead time, onsite requirements, the materials SAGES will provide, and to fill out a request form, please go to: