International Testing

SAGES is proud to collaborate with international institutions to expand the FLS program beyond the United States. FLS testing is now available at test centers in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. You can find location information on the FLS Test Center page.

For inquiries about tiered pricing for FLS international test takers, please contact [email protected] 

For those not near a permanent testing site, SAGES encourages institutions to inquire about FLS remote testing opportunities. 

FLS remote testing has been validated by SAGES and consists of having the FLS exams administered remotely by a SAGES-certified proctor through Zoom. International institutions will need a facilitator who will act as the hands-on assistant for the SAGES remote proctor. The facilitator must be someone who works in the skills lab and/or has had some experience with the FLS trainer box and laparoscopic instruments. A live run-through meeting via Zoom will be scheduled to check the equipment and IT connection prior to scheduling any FLS exams.

International institutions are responsible for providing all the required equipment and supplies:

  • FLS exam approved trainer box, monitor (at least a 15’’ color display), and converter bundle.
  • FLS exam approved accessories: peg board and six rubber objects, jumbo clip, suture block.
  • Computers with a stable, reliable internet connection.
  • Laparoscopic instruments (Maryland dissectors, scissors, locking grasper, open-ended and close-ended knot pushers, and needle drivers).
  • Consumable materials needed for testing (sutures, ligating loops, gauzes, Penrose drains, foam organs).

For more information regarding the required FLS testing materials, please go to: Remote Testing Required Materials.

Test takers may complete the FLS written test at the time of the skills test or on their own within seven days using our online proctoring (OLP) testing services. For more information on the requirements and instructions on using OLP to take the written test, please see: OLP Information.

Please note that the FLS written exam is currently only available in English

To offer remote testing at your international facility, please email [email protected] for more information.