Why Take The FLS Test?

Individual Surgeons

We believe FLS will set the standard for laparoscopic surgery. Surgeons are increasingly required to document their competency. FLS offers surgeons the opportunity to assess and document their own knowledge and skills before they are required to.

FLS indicates whether or not a practicing surgeon possesses the basic knowledge and skills fundamental to the performance of laparoscopic surgery.

Many surgeons who were already in practice during the advent of the laparoscopic revolution learned basic information and skills that were still a “work in progress”. Review and test yourself now on the uncontroverted knowledge and skills set that enhances patient safety and reduces risks for the surgeon.

Surgical Residency Program Directors

FLS provides objective evidence to residency programs that an individual resident has gained the basic knowledge and skills fundamental to the performance of laparoscopic surgery before the resident completes their program.

There are a variety of easy ways to provide FLS to all residents that are headed to general surgery:

  • Residents may buy an individual program, study at home and then take the test at a Test Center.
  • Your Program can purchase an education package that includes the Online study guide and the option for group testing either at your institution or at a regional Test Center.

Department of Surgery

Education has become increasingly more difficult to provide to one’s hospital staff. FLS is a complete and comprehensive educational package covering the basics of laparoscopic surgery.

FLS testing for your full-time surgical staff and attendings can give you an advantage with contracting, provides a credentialing tool and makes patients feel more confident.

FLS is designed to make a Department Chair’s life easier. FLS can be tailored to your institution. A variety of packages are available for one or for many. FLS provides you with a tool to run a more efficient department.