International FLS

SAGES is not currently accepting International FLS Test Center applications.

However, international institutions can elect to offer FLS Remote Testing at their facility.

FLS remote testing has been endorsed by SAGES and consists of having the FLS exams administered remotely by a SAGES-certified proctor through Zoom. International institutions will need a facilitator who will act as the hands-on assistant for the SAGES remote proctor.

The facilitator must be someone who works in the skills lab and/or has had some experience with the FLS trainer box and laparoscopic instruments. The facilitator will need to monitor each test taker for the entire test, including the written portion of the exam.

To offer remote testing at your facility, please review the list of required materials below and email [email protected] for more information.

Remote Testing Materials

International institutions are responsible for providing all the required equipment and supplies:

  • FLS approved trainer box, monitor and converter bundle.
  • Computers with a stable, reliable internet connection
  • Laparoscopic instruments (Maryland dissectors, scissors, locking grasper, open-ended and close-ended knot pushers, and needle drivers)
  • Consumable materials needed for testing (suture, ligating loops, gauze, Penrose drains, foam organs)

For more information regarding the required FLS testing materials, please go to: Remote Testing Required Materials